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Galderma partners with Medecins du Fleuve, an NGO in Mali

“I am very proud of this project, which combines volunteer availability and effectiveness of care to isolated African people on the Niger River and in Senegal.”
Professor Hervé Darie, doctor and founder of Médecins du Fleuve.

Médecins du Fleuve is a humanitarian NGO that provides medical assistance at least five times a year to a population along the Niger River with limited access to healthcare. This aid requires varied expertise from a number of professionals, including GPs, pharmacists and dermatologists. The NGO trains Malian teams and local doctors in order to ensure the continuity and the sustainability of the mission when it is not active on the river. Galderma contributes its experience and has allocated resources in the form of sponsorship since 2005. It meets with volunteer doctors from the local population of the Niger River and is the only pharmaceutical industry player that supports this program.

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