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November 17, 2014

Galderma Laboratories, L.P. and American Acne and Rosacea Society Become First Dermatology Organizations to Join the Effort

Fort Worth, Texas (November 17, 2014) – The leading U.S. dermatology company, Galderma Laboratories, L.P. is the first dermatology partner to join the American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS) with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Get Smart About Antibiotics Week 2014 (November 17 – 23). AARS and Galderma Laboratories, L.P. are participating to raise awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic use.

“Antibiotic use, appropriate or otherwise, in any specialty contributes to the development of antibiotic resistance,” said CDC’s Lauri Hicks, DO, Medical Director, Get Smart: Know When Antibiotics Work. “In dermatology, this is true for acne medications that contain antibiotics. This year, Get Smart About Antibiotics Week continues to provide healthcare providers with resources to determine whether antibiotics are truly necessary, and empower patients to learn more about their treatment options.”

In 2013, approximately 5.8 million prescriptions for oral antibiotics and 3.5 million prescriptions for topical antibiotics were dispensed for dermatology related issues.1 In general antibiotic resistance is a well-known phenomenon, and resistance in acne may be a contributing factor to the overall resistance issue.2 However, there are effective3, antibiotic-free3 topical acne treatment options available on the market today.

“Through its meeting of the Scientific Panel on Antibiotic Use in Dermatology (SPAUD), the AARS is committed to providing clinicians with updated recommendations on optimal antibiotic prescribing and focused on monitoring patient information on antibiotic resistance and its significance in dermatology,” said Dr. Lawrence Eichenfield, President of AARS and Chief of Pediatric and Adolescent Dermatology at Children's Hospital, San Diego and at the University of California, San Diego. “Dermatologists are one of the main prescribers of antibiotics among all physicians, and we aim to collaborate with healthcare providers to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescriptions for conditions such as acne and help curb rising resistance rates.”

Acne is the most common skin condition in the U.S., affecting 40-50 million Americans nationwide4, and long-term use of antibiotics for the treatment of acne may contribute to the problem of antibiotic resistance5. In fact, Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes), a bacteria linked to acne, is increasingly becoming resistant to topical and oral antibiotics5, which may potentially cause a decrease in treatment efficacy against acne5.

“Galderma is committed to providing millions of acne sufferers with topical acne treatment options that are safe, effective and antibiotic-free,” explains Stuart Raetzman, President of Galderma Laboratories L.P., and Senior Vice President North America. “Galderma’s participation in Get Smart About Antibiotics Week underscores our commitment to the dermatology community and to the patients that they treat.”

To help spur the conversation among consumers and healthcare providers and answer questions on this topic and antibiotic resistance as a whole, Get Smart About Antibiotics Week is hosting a Twitter chat on Tues., November 18, 2014 at 3pm ET. Participants can use #SaveAbx and learn about antibiotic resistance and pose questions to the panel.

“Because effective and safe alternatives already exist, Galderma has demonstrated our commitment to dermatology patients’ safety by taking the necessary steps to cease the commercialization of topical antibiotics in acne through all of our national subsidiaries,” said Humberto C. Antunes, President and CEO of Galderma worldwide. “Additionally, we invest substantial research funds to further develop the science of antibiotic-free treatment options for acne.”

About CDC’s Get Smart About Antibiotics Week
Get Smart About Antibiotics Week is an annual one-week observance to raise awareness of the threat of antibiotic resistance and the importance of appropriate antibiotic prescribing and use. Celebrated during November 17-23, 2014, the observance is a key component of CDC’s efforts to improve antibiotic stewardship in communities, in healthcare facilities, and on the farm in collaboration with state-based programs, nonprofit partners, and for-profit partners. The observance is an international collaboration, coinciding with European Antibiotic Awareness Day, Australia's Antibiotic Awareness Week, and Canada's Antibiotic Awareness Week.

About American Acne and Rosacea Society
The American Acne and Rosacea Society (AARS), a Section 501(c)(3) nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, established in 2005 as a conglomeration of experts from varied scientific backgrounds. The purpose of the Society is to facilitate the interchange of knowledge and to stimulate education and research in two of the most common skin conditions encountered in dermatology practice, acne and rosacea. The founders and members are dermatology medical professionals doing the fundamental and clinical research as well as performing the daily basic care for patients. For more information, please visit

About Galderma Laboratories, L.P.
Galderma is a global company founded in 1981 committed to delivering innovative medical solutions to meet the dermatological needs of people throughout their lifetime while serving healthcare professionals around the world. The company has 34 wholly-owned affiliates with a worldwide network of distributors and more than 5,000 employees. Galderma’s extensive product portfolio is available in 80 countries and treats a range of dermatological conditions including: acne, rosacea, onychomycosis, psoriasis & steroid-responsive dermatoses, pigmentary disorders, skin cancer and medical solutions for skin senescence.
With approximately 19% of revenues invested each year to discover and develop new products and access innovative technologies, the company is one of the world’s leading investors in dermatology R&D. Five state-of-the-art R&D centers and six manufacturing sites are dedicated to providing a wide range of innovative medical solutions which meet the highest standards of safety and efficacy.
Strategic brands in the U.S. include Cetaphil®, Epiduo®, Oracea®, Mirvaso®, Clobex®, Differin®, MetroGel®, Vectical®, Tri-Luma®, Pliaglis®, Restylane®, Perlane®, Sculptra® and Dysport®.
For more information, please visit:


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