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Our mission

Today's consumers pay close attention to their skin needs. Changing lifestyles and increasing concerns about the effects of pollution, stress, UV damage, allergies and aging skin are influencing their behavior. Our aim is to provide them with the solutions they need to maintain healthy skin throughout their lives.


Our consumer brands

Our key brands are Cetaphil, with its wide range of skin care products for all ages, Proactiv, the world’s leading non-prescription acne brand, and Differin OTC for mild-to-moderate acne. 

Cetaphil Skin Care Range



As the health industry is shaped by ever-changing consumer demands, it is imperative for us to provide innovative products so that we continue to satisfy these demands. 

Whether it’s new formulations or new packaging, new claims or new channels, we are always looking for ways to innovate so that we can continue to provide products to meet people’s evolving skin needs.