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Engaging with the dermatology community

As a medical specialty, dermatology today is receiving a growing amount of recognition and attention. Galderma is spearheading this change in the world’s outlook on skin health. Galderma works closely with healthcare professionals to provide innovative solutions to skin health needs for all patients, of all ages.

Our partnerships with dermatologists and the wider healthcare community are at the heart of our approach. Our partnerships with authorities, academic institutions and physicians are designed to help us understand patients’ needs, and then respond in ways to help meet these needs; this is especially true surrounding the challenges of unmet needs in age-related diseases, and serious and rare diseases. Working with dermatologists around the world guides our research and development, and our investment in educational and socially responsible projects that advance the treatment of the skin.

Our close working relationship with healthcare professionals is also essential in raising awareness and educating the public about skin health. Our goal is to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge, tools and resources to meet their patients’ skin health needs.

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