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Proactiv is integral to our mission to change the way the world thinks about skin health. Proactive is a unique 3 steps acne treatment system, developed by dermatologists with million patients treated worldwide. With Proactiv, individuals see their skin transformed, and clear skin can transform their entire life.



America’s number-one acne brand

When it launched the United States in 1995, Proactiv became the world's first at-home acne treatment regimen. Its three-step system is designed for use over the entire face, to disrupt the acne cycle, as opposed to 'spot treating' pimples only. In 1995 Proactiv was launched , changing lives with what is now America’s #1 acne brand. Proactiv it’s the first of its kind with a unique 3 steps acne treatment system, with a “proactive” approach for acne care and 20 million satisfied customers.

This preventative approach cleanses, tones and hydrates the skin, while acne-fighting ingredients clear up existing blemishes and help prevent future breakouts, promoting  skin that is consistently clear, smooth  and radiant.

An extensive portfolio of skincare products worldwide

As America’s number-one acne brand, Proactiv helps millions of customers. It now offers a wide range of acne-related skincare products, such as oil-absorbers, moisturizers, toners and masks, all developed by dermatologists and formulated to be non-comedogenic, unplug the pores and further boost its skin – clearing benefits. 

Uniting Galderma’s science-based innovation and expertise in skin health, consumer insights and digital expertise, the Proactiv brand now offers a growing portfolio of skincare products to consumers across the world.
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