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Galderma launches a virtual experience this Rosacea Awareness Month showcasing how the condition goes beyond the visible with Rosacea Space

April 4, 2022
  • Galderma is calling on the rosacea community and their friends and family to submit artistic creations to Rosacea Space this Rosacea Awareness Month, illustrating what rosacea means to them
  • Content from prominent artists and influencers will feature on the dedicated site, connecting those impacted by rosacea worldwide


Zug, Switzerland – Galderma is empowering the rosacea community and their friends and family to get creative this Rosacea Awareness Month (April) and submit a piece of art, a photograph, a selfie, poetry, music, videos and even letters* to Rosacea Space, a virtual experience created to raise awareness of this chronic condition.

On Rosacea Space, individual submissions make up the immersive space, where participants and visitors can find a collection that represents the diversity of rosacea impact, learn more about the condition and empower skin positivity.

Galderma believes everyone’s skin is unique and we each have our own skin story. The Rosacea Space platform will allow those affected by rosacea – a chronic disease impacting an estimated 415 million people worldwide1 – to share how rosacea affects their life as well as messages of support.

A recent online survey of rosacea patients conducted by Galderma revealed that 69% felt that feelings of stigmatization associated with rosacea impacted their mental and emotional wellbeing. Additionally, nearly half (48%), have heard or been told by peers that ‘rosacea is not a serious skin condition2. To help the rosacea community feel seen and heard, Galderma has created Rosacea Space as a platform for the rosacea community to showcase how the condition impacts their life beyond what you can see and to help educate on the chronic disease.

To kick start the awareness campaign, online influencers suffering from rosacea as well as commissioned artists will share what rosacea means to them along with words of motivation to the Rosacea Space at

Galderma is committed to supporting the rosacea community. To learn more about initiatives supported by Galderma visit and follow @rosacea_beyondthevisible on social media.


About rosacea

Rosacea is a common inflammatory disease that presents variable clinical characteristics, of which the most common are flushing, persistent erythema, and inflammatory lesions. It mainly affects the central areas of the face, such as the cheeks and nose. The disease can affect both adult men and women, usually after the age of 30. Additionally, symptoms such as stinging, burning and increased sensitivity of the skin are common. The eyes are often affected, and might present as red, dry or itchy.

Although the cause of the disease is still under debate, various trigger factors are known, including spicy foods, alcohol, emotional stress, sun/UV-exposure, hot baths and beverages. Demodex – generally harmless mites – can also be found in the skin in an elevated quantity in people with rosacea.

Rosacea may worsen over time if left untreated. People that suspect they suffer from rosacea should visit their dermatologist or healthcare provider. Because rosacea is a highly visible disease, it is known to cause embarrassment and anxiety in some patients, which in turn may cause frustration and have a negative impact on their social life.


About Galderma

Galderma is the world’s largest independent dermatology company, present in approximately 100 countries. Since our inception in 1981, we have been driven by a complete dedication to dermatology. We deliver an innovative, science-based portfolio of sophisticated brands and services across Aesthetics, Consumer Care and Prescription Medicine. Focused on the needs of consumers and patients, we work in partnership with healthcare professionals. Because we understand that the skin we are in shapes our life stories, we are advancing dermatology for every skin story.


Media Contacts

Rachel Mooney

Emmett Murphy


Rosacea Space is funded and developed by Galderma SA.

Terms and conditions apply. Learn more on:


** Please note, all submissions will be reviewed in advance of sharing on Rosacea Space to ensure content is appropriate for viewing. The content must be original to you and not include any content owned by a third party or entity. Any photographs or selfies must have the permission of the subject prior to uploading. Terms and conditions apply.


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