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As the pure-play dermatology category leader, Galderma is committed to driving the industry forward through science-based innovation. We are deeply aware of our reponsibility to the dermatology community, and know that our products and services hold the power to shape people’s lives. 

NEXT is an extension of our close collaboration with healthcare professionals in the aesthetics space. Anticipating the future of the market, this body of research presents insights that aim to empower healthcare professionals by enhancing their understanding of patient and consumer needs. 

NEXT by Galderma: understanding the future of aesthetics


The 6 emerging aesthetics trends

Key Facts


of U.K. adults agree that social media has made getting non-surgical procedures more commonplace
[Proactive Beauty]


of women prefer to wear less make-up to achieve a skin-focused look
[Mindful Aesthetics]


The drop in GoogleTM searches for ‘buccal fat removal’ by early July 2023, after intense interest in the term at the end of 2022 
[Fast Aesthetics]


has gathered over 64.8M views on TikTokTM
[Beauty Fandom]





Gen Z and Millennial consumers say that ‘being yourself’ is the phrase that fits their definition of beauty


nearly 72%

of women globally say that they want to focus on looking healthy rather than looking young
[Cancelling Age]

The 3 macro movements supporting the growth of the aesthetics industry

Increasing accessibility
  • We will see a continued rise of less invasive treatments, and greater access to treatments thanks to new locations. More affordable pricing options are also emerging, as well as the idea that aessthetic treatments are no longer just for women. 

Advancements in science & technology
  • The rise of aesthetic technology has expanded not only the variety of treatment options available, but also their appeal. In addition, new innovations are improving existing products – for example, by expanding indications and offering longer-lasting efficacy. We are also seeing new liquid, ready-to-use formulations and innovative product developments.

Social community
  • Awareness and understanding of aesthetic treatments have increased through social media. Aesthetic practitioners are using social media to garner sizeable followings, highlighting that the world of aesthetics has a far-reaching platform of increasing influence.