In society

Funding requests

We regularly receive requests for funding - sometimes for grants, charities, sponsorships or medical education. We reserve a fixed annual budget for projects which support a sustainable dermatology community. We may, therefore, provide donations or donations in kind to organisations involved in promoting charitable, community, educational, humanitarian, health, philanthropic, cultural or artistic activities.

Making a request

We will ensure we do not make grants or donations for promotion purposes or to healthcare professionals as a way to promote our products.

Our Grant Evaluation Committee evaluates requests using established criteria, as follows:

1. The request has a defined objective

2. It complies with national and international regulations and laws

3. It complies with professional ethics

4. The reputation of the applicant

5. The amount of the funding request and the allocation of resources

6. Major outcomes and timing

7. Its relation to our activities

8. Particular aspects of the project, such as:

  • Scientific

  • Charitable

  • Clinical

  • Educational

  • Social

  • Innovation value

  • The added value the project will bring


We do not support contributions for the following:

  • Personal purposes

  • Religious, veterans or fraternal organisations

  • Political organisations

  • Organisations whose objectives do not meet our contributions guidelines.


If you wish to make a request for funding