Innovation for skin health

As a leading company in the category, we aim to maintain our position by developing a steady progression of innovative technologies and products to protect, serve and enhance skin health. Therefore, our research is conducted in collaboration with the healthcare community, with a strong focus on addressing patient needs and consumer benefits.

A collaborative environment

Our ambition is to deliver truly innovative science-based solutions for maintaining healthy skin and, if needed, to treat, correct and restore compromised skin back to a healthy state. Understanding healthcare leaders, physicians, patients and consumers worldwide is key to this goal. To ensure continuous improvement, we keep up-to-date with scientific literature, favour cross-fertilisation of ideas and promote collaboration across disciplines and departments and with external research partners. Here, we describe our innovation across our three business areas: Prescription, Aesthetics and Consumer care.

Innovation in Prescription

Being able to discover new products or technologies to address unmet patient needs in our major disease areas is fundamental to supporting growth in our Prescription sector. We prioritise biotechnologies for injectable and oral products. Currently, our main priority is to advance knowledge and progress in projects on atopic dermatitis.

Innovation in Aesthetics

The products we supply are used in procedures performed by healthcare professionals, so this is where our focus lies. Innovation includes anything from a new way to use an existing product, to a true game-changer in the market. Examples include the approval of a new indication for an existing product, a new treatment protocol, or a new injection technique that enables better results. As a global leader, Galderma has a strong and continued commitment to the research and development of new dermatological and aesthetic solutions for the treatment of lines, scar correction and skin health. In addition, we are developing our offerings for skin quality treatments, from scar correction to enhancing the glow and texture of the skin.

Innovation in Consumer care

Innovation is at the cornerstone of the business. To succeed in a competitive environment, we must develop something other brands cannot offer. If we don’t enjoy patent protection of molecules or ingredients, we must differentiate through other means. The winning combination is when our science can combine with consumer insight to create novel formulations or packaging. Just as importantly, the results of our innovation must be consistent with our brand and resonate with both healthcare professionals and consumers.