We look for partnerships that help us continue to offer the best solutions for skin health. We have a dedicated alliance structure in each business to maximize this collaborative work and can commit resources so that your innovation fulfills its true potential.

Consumer skin care opportunities

Our leading brands, such as Cetaphil and Proactiv, are top players in consumer skin care and have global geographical footprints. They are dedicated to answer the multiple skin care needs of sensitive skin and acne sufferers with innovation at the heart of their growth models. As such, we are constantly looking at a wide range of opportunities that are  both relevant from a consumer perspective and are endorsed by healthcare professionals. These opportunities can range from technologies and ingredients to finished products or solutions, whatever development stage they may be at.

Prescription product opportunities

We look for innovative compounds that we can develop and commercialise as products that may provide breakthrough therapies for dermatological conditions and unmet needs. Our scope of interest includes small and large molecules, with a focus on systemic orals and biologics, though we will consider all routes of administration.

Our priority disease targets are immune-mediated inflammatory skin diseases - primarily atopic dermatitis and psoriasis; however, we are also interested in opportunities to bring therapeutic value in targeting other skin diseases, such as non-melanoma skin cancers and rare dermatological diseases.

We have the capabilities to onboard a partnered compound or product at any stage and, therefore, are open to consider pre-clinical, clinical or commercial-stage assets.

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Galderma Aesthetics opportunities

We are a pioneer and one of the top global players in medical aesthetics. Our portfolio has a strong medical and scientific basis and is present in over 100 countries. We are always looking to support innovation that improves the possibilities for medical solutions and services in the minimally-invasive aesthetics field. Advancements can include ingredients, formulations, technologies or devices, from early research to commercially available solutions and products.

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